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The Process: Design, Create and Play
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Uniform problems? Why spend all of your time designing gear, when we can do it for you? Lax Swag will provide high quality designs to address all of your team's apparel needs.  Our Lacrosse Design Experts will work with you to produce designs for your uniforms, practice gear, shorts, shirts, etc. that can foster a winning image on and off the field.
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Not only will Lax Swag design your team's gear, but when you are ready, we offer a service to produce the gear that you are looking for.  We will the best designs so you can easily work with vendors to seamlessly create and ship the apparel in a timely manner, nationwide.
We founded Lax Swag with the goal of creating a better option for custom team apparel.  As a veteran of club lacrosse, I understand the challenges that teams can face when forced to handle their own administration.  We hope to provide the solution to apparel design and let the players focus on the field.

Alex Santangelo Founder

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Stop spending time on the administrative and just focus on playing.  We know that not all lacrosse organizations have the capacity and funding to get top-notch apparel, let our team of lacrosse design experts handle the design process so you can focus on what's important, your time on the field.
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Lax Players Working for Lax Players

Lax Swag is a company created by lacrosse players because of their love of the game.  We endeavor to present a service that is approachable and importantly, affordable, so that programs, from the smallest club to the largest, can be outfitted for success.  Our goal is to ensure that no program is deterred in its goal to develop a unique and exciting team image.

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The Lax Swag team was fantastic to work with. They helped my club through the whole design process and developed phenomenal gear that we were even able to sell to fans and supporters to raise money for the program.  We could not be happier.

Ben Valido Client

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